Mentorship with HarperCollins

Today I had the pleasure of visiting HarperCollins in Sydney as part of the CBCA Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program. The open-plan offices extend over two floors, and every corridor is lined with elegant bookcases, stacked with quality titles.

The staff, especially the Children’s Books team, were very welcoming and generous with their time. They treated me to a tour of their offices and lunch in their reception lounge with spectacular views over Hyde Park. They also presented me with a lovely bag of books, several of which my teenagers have already started reading!

I was impressed with the breadth of roles within the organisation, covering every aspect of publishing. From the editors and publishers that work with initial manuscripts, through to teams working in design, typesetting, marketing, publicity, merchandising, print and production, sales, distribution, research, human resources, digital publishing, web development, social media, and accounts.

It was evident that the staff were passionate about books, and work hard to support authors. I’m looking forward to visiting again later in the year for meetings with a publisher, publicist and marketing communications.


  1. Leigh Owen | 6th Jun 17

    Lovely photo, Danika. Glad you had a great day. Not sure I would get any work done if I worked there it would be too tempting to grab a book off the shelves or stare out at the view.

  2. Sally Hall | 7th Jun 17

    Wow, looks like a great experience.

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